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Patate's changelog
Patate changelog

- Vitelotte
  - Core
    # Fixed a bug making LDLT solver fail with most versions of Eigen.
    # Now support curved edges for rendering
    # Improved Windows/Linux compatibility.
    # Added Luv color space and fixed a few bugs.
    # Added color space support (conversion and rendering)
    # Removed redundant headers
    # Fixed shader2cpp so that generated shaders are not modified on each compilations.
    # Fixed errors and warnings

  - Examples
    # mvg_editor: display status bar message on selection

  - Documentation
    # Documentation for diffusion images and color spaces

- Grenaille
  - Core
    # Fix bugs in GLS derivatives computations
    # API improvements:
      - Add a method compute(Iterator begin, Iterator end) to hide the addNeighbor/finalize calls when using stl-like vertex containers
      - GLS::tau and GLS::eta replaced by generic names: potential, normal. These names are also used by CovariancePlaneFit.
      - Add a general CurvatureEstimator based on the availability of a dNormal() method. Make GLSCurvatureHelper deprecated. Principal curvature extraction has also been improved by computing the 2x2 shape operator
    # Fix surfaceVariation() method to match Pauly's definition
    # Improved covariance plane fitting (single pass + first orded spatial derivatives)
    # Speed-up computation of eigenvector derivatives by by-passing the computation of the SVD to compute the pseudo-inverse of the matrix pencil
    # Remove several warnings

  - Cuda
    # Improved compatibility with Cuda 7 (compilation + cross-compilation )

  - Tests
    # Fix fit_plane unit test
    # Extend paraboloid unit test to check for covariance-plane derivatives
    # Improve paraboloid unit test: add numerical differentiation, improve stability

  - Examples
    # Cuda and C++ examples can now be compiled using CMake
    # Python examples are also installed in build dir

- General documentation
    # Add deprecated page
    # Added a clean changelog page and fixed images copy.
    # Replace link to devel-list to patate-info registration page
    # Add AMS math extensions
    # Add a table listing methods implemented in Grenaille

- Other improvements
    # Update CMake configuration to show Grenaille and Vitelotte source files in QtCreator

- Vitelotte
    - Core
        # First release of Vitelotte which include a datastructure for
          mesh-based vector graphics, a FEM diffusion solver, an OpenGL renderer
          and I/O in the mvg file format
    - Examples
        # tutorial: a simple application to demonstrate basic usage of Vitelotte
        # mvgtk: a CLI tool to manipulate mvg files
        # mvg_editor: a simple GUI tool to edit mvg files
        # mvg_viewer: a lightweigh OpenGL viewer
    - Doc
        # Added the Vitelotte section, with user manual for the main
          functionalities and basic explanations of the examples

- Grenaille
  - Core
    # Bugfixes and performance improvements in GLSCurvatureHelper

  - Doc
    # Minor changes: added formulas

- General documentation
    # Updates Eigen/Cuda instructions


- Core
    # New PrimitiveBase class (to be used with heritance for all new primitives)
    # Plane primitive added
    # New output state for fitting added (need another pass)
    # New plane fitting technique, using covariance analysis
    # Few updates

- Examples
    # PCL wrapper added
    # Plane fitting example added

- Tests
    # Plane primitive tests added
    # Plane fitting tests added
    # Few updates in tests

- Documentation
    # Few fixes in typo
    # Few updates in credits and for new features


- Core
    # few issues with cuda have been updated

- Exemple
    # SSC gls examples updated


- Documentation
    # New version with improved presentation, new examples, user manual, images, references, etc.
    # Examples fixed.
    # We now have a logo !

- Tests
    # Now using ctest for the unit tests
    # Few functional tests have been added

- Core
    # Fits now have a state. The finalize() function can return it. See doc for more details.
    # Fit degenerative cases are now well treated (for example plane case). Thus, it should no more produce QNaN values.
    # Library cleaned of useless code / files.
    # Code refactoring, we now follow some guidelines (see guidelines.txt).


 - BugFix
   # Fix space derivatives equals to NaN when the local query is (0,...,0)

 - Documentation
   # Update documentation on partial support of SelfAdjointEigenSolver in cuda
   # Update documentation on GLSCurvatureHelper: new tutorial

 - Functionalities
   # Add a ready state in algebraic sphere that is set to true by the fitting kernels finalize method
   # Add method to compare two GLS instances
   # Add helper class to compute principal curvatures

 - Improvements
   # Use optimized storage order for derivatives vectors wrt space/space differentiation parameters

 - Tests
   # Add eigendecomposition test

 - Cleaning
   # Remove unused include directives