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Grenaille::Concept Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Concepts used in Grenaille.

The Grenaille module is structured around five concepts:

In practice, one must first determine which concept implementations they need, and then gather them in what we call a Basket.

Basket <PointImpl, // Implementation of PointConcept
WeightFuncImpl, // Implementation of WeightFuncConcept (could use WeightKernelConcept)
FittingProcedureImpl, // Implementation of FittingProcedureConcept
FittingExtensionImpl1, //
FittingExtensionImpl2, // Implementations of FittingExtensionConcept
... , //
FittingExtensionImpln //
> myFit; // Final structure to fit and extend a primitive over weighted samples
See Also
The User Manual demonstrates step by step how to use a Basket for a simple application.
For more details about each concept and examples of how to use them, browse through the pages below.


class  FittingProcedureConcept
 Describes the procedure to fit a primitive to point samples. More...
class  FittingExtensionConcept
 Describes how to add features to an existing fitting procedure. More...
class  WeightKernelConcept
 A 1D weighting function and its derivatives. More...
class  WeightFuncConcept
 Applies a Concept::WeightKernelConcept to a Concept::PointConcept query. More...
class  PointConcept
 Definition of a point sample. More...