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Vitelotte::VGMesh< _Scalar, _Dims, _Coeffs >::NodeProperty< T > Class Template Reference

Inherits PatateCommon::Property< T >.

Detailed Description

template<typename _Scalar, int _Dims = 2, int _Coeffs = 4>
template<class T>
class Vitelotte::VGMesh< _Scalar, _Dims, _Coeffs >::NodeProperty< T >

Node property of type T

See Also
VertexProperty, HalfedgeProperty, EdgeProperty, FaceProperty

Public Member Functions

 NodeProperty ()
 default constructor
 NodeProperty (PatateCommon::Property< T > p)
PatateCommon::Property< T >
operator[] (Node n)
 access the data stored for vertex v
PatateCommon::Property< T >
operator[] (Node n) const
 access the data stored for vertex v
- Public Member Functions inherited from PatateCommon::Property< T >
 Property (PropertyArray< T > *p=NULL)
void reset ()
 operator bool () const
Reference operator[] (int i)
ConstReference operator[] (int i) const
const T * data () const
std::vector< T > & vector ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from PatateCommon::Property< T >
typedef PropertyArray< T >
typedef PropertyArray< T >