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Vitelotte::SingularElementDecorator< _Element > Class Template Reference

Inherits _Element.

Detailed Description

template<class _Element>
class Vitelotte::SingularElementDecorator< _Element >

An element builder decorator that add support for elements with at most one singularity.

Public Types

typedef _Element Base
typedef Base::Scalar Scalar
typedef Base::Mesh Mesh
typedef Base::Vector Vector
typedef Base::Matrix Matrix
typedef Base::Triplet Triplet
typedef Base::Face Face

Public Member Functions

 SingularElementDecorator (const Base &element=Base())
unsigned nCoefficients (const Mesh &mesh, Face element, SolverError *error=0) const
unsigned nExtraConstraints (const Mesh &mesh, Face element) const
template<typename Inserter >
void addCoefficients (Inserter &inserter, const Mesh &mesh, Face element, SolverError *error=0)