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Vitelotte::MVGWriter< _Mesh > Class Template Reference

Inherited by Vitelotte::MVGWithCurvesWriter< _Mesh >.

Detailed Description

template<typename _Mesh>
class Vitelotte::MVGWriter< _Mesh >

The MVGWriter class writes VGMesh objects in .mvg files.

See Also
VGMesh MVGReader

Public Types

enum  Version { VERSION_1_0 = 0x100, LATEST_VERSION = VERSION_1_0 }
typedef _Mesh Mesh
typedef Mesh::Vertex Vertex
typedef Mesh::Node Node
typedef std::vector< int > IndexMap

Public Member Functions

 MVGWriter (Version version=LATEST_VERSION)
void write (std::ostream &out, const Mesh &mesh)
 Write mesh in the stream out as a .mvg file.

Protected Member Functions

int vertexIndex (Vertex vx) const
int nodeIndex (Node node) const
void printNode (std::ostream &_out, Node n) const

Protected Attributes

Version m_version
Eigen::IOFormat m_format
IndexMap m_vxMap
IndexMap m_nodeMap