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Vitelotte::FemSolver< _Mesh, _ElementBuilder > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class _Mesh, class _ElementBuilder>
class Vitelotte::FemSolver< _Mesh, _ElementBuilder >

A diffusion solver based on the Finite Element Method.

Template Parameters
_MeshThe VGMesh type on which the solver operates.
_ElementBuilderAn ElementBuilder class that describe the type of elements used by the solver, and by extension the kind of diffusion to do.


struct  Block
struct  BlockIndex

Public Types

typedef _Mesh Mesh
typedef _ElementBuilder ElementBuilder
typedef FemSolver< Mesh,
ElementBuilder > 
typedef ElementBuilder::Scalar Scalar
typedef Eigen::Matrix< Scalar,
Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic > 
typedef Eigen::Triplet< Scalar > Triplet
typedef Eigen::SparseMatrix
< Scalar > 
typedef std::vector< Triplet > TripletVector
typedef TripletVector::iterator TripletVectorIterator
typedef std::vector< bool > BoolVector
typedef std::vector< unsigned > IndexMap
typedef Eigen::SimplicialLDLT
< StiffnessMatrix,
Eigen::Lower > 
typedef std::vector< BlockBlockVector
typedef BlockVector::iterator BlockIterator
typedef std::vector< BlockIndexNodeMap

Public Member Functions

 FemSolver (const ElementBuilder &elementBuilder=ElementBuilder())
void build (const Mesh &mesh)
 Build the internal stiffness matrix from mesh.
void solve (Mesh &mesh)
 Solve the diffusion problem created by build() on mesh. More...
const SolverError error ()
 Returns a SolverError object describing the state of the solver.

Protected Types

typedef Mesh::Node Node
typedef Mesh::Vertex Vertex
typedef Mesh::Face Face
typedef Mesh::FaceIterator FaceIterator

Protected Member Functions

void preSort (const Mesh &mesh)
void buildMatrix (const Mesh &mesh)
void factorize ()

Protected Attributes

ElementBuilder m_elementBuilder
SolverError m_error
unsigned m_nUnknowns
unsigned m_nConstraints
BlockVector m_blocks
Eigen::VectorXi m_faceBlockMap
TripletVector m_constraintTriplets
StiffnessMatrix m_constraintBlock
NodeMap m_nodeMap
BoolVector m_fMask
BoolVector m_nMask
Eigen::VectorXi m_fExtraIndices
NodeMap m_fExtraMap
Matrix m_x

Member Function Documentation

template<class _Mesh , class _ElementBuilder >
void Vitelotte::FemSolver< _Mesh, _ElementBuilder >::solve ( Mesh &  mesh)

Solve the diffusion problem created by build() on mesh.

Parameters of build() and solve() do not need to be the same, but they must have the same connectivity. (In other words, only constrained nodes values should differ.)