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Vitelotte::ElementBuilderBase< _Mesh, _Scalar > Class Template Reference

Inherited by Vitelotte::FVElementBuilder< _Mesh, _Scalar >, Vitelotte::LinearElementBuilder< _Mesh, _Scalar >, Vitelotte::MorleyElementBuilder< _Mesh, _Scalar >, and Vitelotte::QuadraticElementBuilder< _Mesh, _Scalar >.

Detailed Description

template<class _Mesh, typename _Scalar>
class Vitelotte::ElementBuilderBase< _Mesh, _Scalar >

The base of every element builder. Provides default implementations of some methods.

Public Types

typedef _Scalar Scalar
typedef _Mesh Mesh
typedef Eigen::Matrix< Scalar,
Mesh::DimsAtCompileTime, 1 > 
typedef Eigen::Matrix< Scalar,
Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic > 
typedef Eigen::Triplet< Scalar > Triplet
typedef Mesh::Face Face

Public Member Functions

unsigned nExtraConstraints (const Mesh &, Face) const
template<typename Inserter >
void addExtraConstraints (Inserter &, const Mesh &, Face, SolverError *)