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PatateCommon::SurfaceMesh::HalfedgeAroundVertexCirculator Class Reference

Detailed Description

this class circulates through all outgoing halfedges of a vertex. it also acts as a container-concept for C++11 range-based for loops.

See Also
VertexAroundVertexCirculator, FaceAroundVertexCirculator, halfedges(Vertex)

Public Member Functions

 active_ (true)
bool operator== (const HalfedgeAroundVertexCirculator &rhs) const
 are two circulators equal?
bool operator!= (const HalfedgeAroundVertexCirculator &rhs) const
 are two circulators different?
HalfedgeAroundVertexCirculatoroperator++ ()
 pre-increment (rotate couter-clockwise)
HalfedgeAroundVertexCirculatoroperator-- ()
 pre-decrement (rotate clockwise)
Halfedge operator* () const
 get the halfedge the circulator refers to
 operator bool () const
 cast to bool: true if vertex is not isolated
HalfedgeAroundVertexCirculatorbegin ()
HalfedgeAroundVertexCirculatorend ()

Public Attributes

 __pad0__: mesh_(m)
 default constructor