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PatateCommon::BasePropertyArray Class Referenceabstract

Inherited by PatateCommon::PropertyArray< T >, PatateCommon::PropertyArray< bool >, PatateCommon::PropertyArray< PatateCommon::SurfaceMesh::FaceConnectivity >, PatateCommon::PropertyArray< PatateCommon::SurfaceMesh::HalfedgeConnectivity >, and PatateCommon::PropertyArray< PatateCommon::SurfaceMesh::VertexConnectivity >.

Public Member Functions

 BasePropertyArray (const std::string &name)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~BasePropertyArray ()
virtual void reserve (size_t n)=0
 Reserve memory for n elements.
virtual void resize (size_t n)=0
 Resize storage to hold n elements.
virtual void freeMemory ()=0
 Free unused memory.
virtual void pushBack ()=0
 Extend the number of elements by one.
virtual void swap (size_t i0, size_t i1)=0
 Let two elements swap their storage place.
virtual BasePropertyArrayclone () const =0
 Return a deep copy of self.
virtual const std::type_info & type ()=0
 Return the type_info of the property.
const std::string & name () const
 Return the name of the property.

Protected Attributes

std::string name_