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Grenaille::GLSGeomVar< DataPoint, _WFunctor, T > Class Template Reference

Inherits Grenaille::Concept::FittingExtensionConcept< DataPoint, _WFunctor, T >, and T.

Detailed Description

template<class DataPoint, class _WFunctor, typename T>
class Grenaille::GLSGeomVar< DataPoint, _WFunctor, T >

Extension to compute the Geometric Variation of GLSParam.

The Geometric Variation is computed as the weighted sum of the GLS scale-invariant partial derivatives

\[ \nu(\mathbf{p},t) = w_\tau \left(\frac{\delta\tau}{\delta t}\right)^2 + w_\eta \left( t \frac{\delta\eta}{\delta t}\right)^2 + w_\kappa \left( t^2 \frac{\delta\kappa}{\delta t}\right)^2 \]

Method published in [4]

Public Types

typedef Base::Scalar Scalar
 Inherited scalar type.

Public Member Functions

Scalar geomVar (Scalar wtau=Scalar(1), Scalar weta=Scalar(1), Scalar wkappa=Scalar(1)) const
 Compute and return the Geometric Variation.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Grenaille::Concept::FittingExtensionConcept< DataPoint, _WFunctor, T >
void setWeightFunc (const WFunctor &w)
void init (const VectorType &evalPos)
bool addNeighbor (const DataPoint &nei)
FIRESULT finalize ()

Protected Types