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Grenaille::GLSDer< DataPoint, _WFunctor, T > Class Template Reference

Inherits Grenaille::Concept::FittingExtensionConcept< DataPoint, _WFunctor, T >, and T.

Detailed Description

template<class DataPoint, class _WFunctor, typename T>
class Grenaille::GLSDer< DataPoint, _WFunctor, T >

Differentiation of GLSParam.

Method published in [4]

Public Types

typedef Base::Scalar Scalar
 Inherited scalar type.
typedef Base::VectorType VectorType
 Inherited vector type.
typedef Base::WFunctor WFunctor
 Weight Function.
typedef Base::VectorArray VectorArray
 Inherited vector array type.
typedef Base::ScalarArray ScalarArray
 Inherited scalar array type.

Public Member Functions

ScalarArray dtau () const
 Compute and return \( \tau \) derivatives.
VectorArray deta () const
 Compute and return \( \eta \) derivatives.
ScalarArray dkappa () const
 Compute and return \( \kappa \) derivatives.
ScalarArray dtau_normalized () const
 Compute and return \( \tau \) derivatives.
VectorArray deta_normalized () const
 Compute and return \( t * d\eta \).
ScalarArray dkappa_normalized () const
 Compute and return \( d\kappa * t^{2} \).
- Public Member Functions inherited from Grenaille::Concept::FittingExtensionConcept< DataPoint, _WFunctor, T >
void setWeightFunc (const WFunctor &w)
void init (const VectorType &evalPos)
bool addNeighbor (const DataPoint &nei)
FIRESULT finalize ()

Protected Types