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Grenaille::Basket< P, W, Fit,,,,,,,,,,,, > Class Template Reference

Inherits Ext11< P, W, Ext10< P, W, Ext9< P, W, Ext8< P, W, Ext7< P, W, Ext6< P, W, Ext5< P, W, Ext4< P, W, Ext3< P, W, Ext2< P, W, Ext1< P, W, Ext0< P, W, Fit< P, W, void > > > > > > > > > > > > >.

Detailed Description

template<class P, class W, template< class, class, typename >class Fit, BASKET_TP(0), BASKET_TP(1), BASKET_TP(2), BASKET_TP(3), BASKET_TP(4), BASKET_TP(5), BASKET_TP(6), BASKET_TP(7), BASKET_TP(8), BASKET_TP(9), BASKET_TP(10), BASKET_TP(11)>
class Grenaille::Basket< P, W, Fit,,,,,,,,,,,, >

Agregator class used to declare specialized structures using CRTP (Curiously Recurring Template Pattern)

The various implementations of Grenaille::Concept are mixed through specializations of the Basket class:

Basket <PointImpl, // Implementation of PointConcept
WeightFuncImpl, // Implementation of WeightFuncConcept (could use WeightKernelConcept)
FittingProcedureImpl, // Implementation of FittingProcedureConcept
FittingExtensionImpl1, //
FittingExtensionImpl2, // Implementations of FittingExtensionConcept
... , //
FittingExtensionImpln //
> myFit; // Final structure to fit and extend a primitive over weighted samples

Public Member Functions

template<typename Iterator >
FIT_RESULT compute (const Iterator &begin, const Iterator &end)
 Convenience function for STL-like iterators. More...

Member Function Documentation

template<class P , class W , template< class, class, typename >class Fit, BASKET_TP(0) , BASKET_TP(1) , BASKET_TP(2) , BASKET_TP(3) , BASKET_TP(4) , BASKET_TP(5) , BASKET_TP(6) , BASKET_TP(7) , BASKET_TP(8) , BASKET_TP(9) , BASKET_TP(10) , BASKET_TP(11) >
template<typename Iterator >
FIT_RESULT Grenaille::Basket< P, W, Fit,,,,,,,,,,,, >::compute ( const Iterator &  begin,
const Iterator &  end 

Convenience function for STL-like iterators.

Add neighbors stored in a container using STL-like iterators, and call finalize at the end.

Multi-pass fitting is supported by this function as an experimental feature. It thus should be used carefully.